Foggy Notions

by bryan prosser

I like to explore where curiosity leads me.

Hello and Welcome.

I’m Bryan Prosser, Host and Senior Writer at Foggy Notions.

Here I explore things that both fascinate and trouble me. Hunting for words to describe what I think I see and vaguely understand, within a shrouded world of wonder and tragic mystery.

It’s an effort to keep and kindle my own hope, and maybe yours, in this disenchanted age.

It’s also a place for me to be playful, poking fun at myself and others who are in danger of laughing too little.


Words and their Tone

“I *love* you.” “I *hate* you!” Each word, used in a particular way, causes very different emotional responses. It does make a difference, and the difference has consequences. Some are unintended, others deliberate. Wisdom moderates both.

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My Road To Emmaus

I slowly walked the road to Emmaus myself. A long silent battle with disillusionment. Not a helpful friend in sight. Dusty was the road. Abandonment clung like crusted sweat. Then a voice in the blur before me Spoke. My heart was strangely warmed. Eating, listening I understood. His Radiance transformed

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I Feel It In My Gut

People may not be able to reach a satisfactory intellectual conclusion in regards to truth or falsehood in this Age of Post-Truth chaos, but one thing seems to be clear, They feel it in their gut. When they are wronged, they know it.

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Mourning, this morning

Epic days are meant for historians to make meaning from. In the meantime, the rest of us have to experience history in the making. Days like yesterday must be felt before they are understood. This morning, I don’t have much capacity for words. I sit here in a state of

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Where Is Home?

Home is where our memories are. We mostly think that it is among our family, but it is also within a certain place. I have lived in a few other places besides my hometown, yet it is in Visalia I have developed my sense of home. I think of all

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