Foggy Notions

a poet’s journey

Life This Way

Pooh (and Friends)

Inspired by A. A. Milne

Reimagined by Me

Pooh and Piglet stood before a weathered sign that read, “Life This Way”.

They stood, they stared, they looked at each other awkwardly, then looked at the ground, then back toward the sign. “I don’t know where This Way Is, uttered Pooh.

“It c-c-c-could be That Way”, pointed Piglet.

“Or it m-m-m-might be That Way, Piglet pointed again.

Pooh looked far off in both directions, then up, then down, then back toward his helpful friend.“Oh bother”, said Pooh. “I suppose Any Way Is fine then”.

So off they went in search of Life This Way.

Childlike aimlessness is not without purpose. It’s filled with satisfying curiosity before it ever reaches a destination.

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