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If our sacred life does not produce ambitions and aspirations for this life, then it’s sure to be a sham religion.

Life This Way

Pooh (and Friends) Inspired by A. A. Milne Reimagined by Me Pooh and Piglet stood before a weathered sign that read, “Life This Way”. They stood, they stared, they looked at each other awkwardly, [...]

All For One, One For All

Disclaimer: I have always loved innovation and space travel. That is not where my criticism lies. Something has been gnawing at my soul for a long time. IMHO, rugged American Individualism is one [...]

Do You Hear What I See?

Listen. Please just listen. Will you please? I hear this almost everywhere I go, though not with my ears. I hear it in people’s eyes. Eyes pleading for a compassionate listener. Do you [...]

I Need A Coach

Three years ago, I transitioned from being a learning coach to thousands over a 30 year teaching career to a life coach for those who want a new life strategy that reboots and renews goals and [...]

Going Public

Sharing in public what was once held private. It is a phrase mostly associated with corporate life and investments. A company privately owned, sells shares in the public marketplace, for [...]


The action of making someone a slave; subjugation. Like enslaved to… an expectation of parents for their children to be what they aren’t, a pile of debt accumulated in order to be [...]

From The Ruins

I‘m progressing, and in my mind, I’m growing.   As I progress, I’m squeezing all I can learn from my past so I can express my life better in the future.   One thing I am [...]

Being the Light

The Hill We Climb Written and recited by Amanda Gorman at the 59th Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2021 When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? [...]

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Hi, I’m Bryan Prosser.

I like to explore where my questions take me.

I’m the founder of LifeBridge, home of my coaching and educational business. The idea for it came to me while leading a cultural exchange project in China. My hope was to help people cross all relational divides in order to build friendships of mutual understanding.

Do you enjoy adventure?

So do I. That’s why I work and write every day exploring what it is to create and express a vibrant wonder-filled life.

For more than three decades, I’ve been doing my best to inspire a love of learning in people that would last a lifetime. I’ve spent most of my professional life learning how to learn in order to become an effective teacher. That’s how I approach everything. I learn by doing.

Other Projects and Interests

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Enriching Lives Worldwide

LifeBridge stages learning opportunities where curiosity and wonder meet. We design unique explorations intended to produce resilient personal growth. Each learning experience cultivates enrichment of life for the shaping of unique capabilities highly valued by others.

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