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I Need A Coach

Three years ago, I transitioned from being a learning coach to thousands over a 30 year teaching career to a life coach for those who want a new life strategy that reboots and renews goals and performance for the next phase of their lives.

I’m an educator by nature, and a life coach by vocation.

It’s who I am, and what I do.

To be an effective coach for others requires me to follow and practice the very things I encourage my clients to implement in their lives. We can be used to transform others only after we have been transformed, or are being transformed ourselves.

High achievers are always looking for an edge. They can develop it only so far on their own, then they need a trusted companion to coach them along. This is normal in the sports world, but not so throughout the wider sphere of public life.

My own life drifted and then eventually stalled in 2015. Fortunately I had some means to get support to get unstuck and moving again. It was hard work. Not unlike entering a gym after 25 years of neglecting my body.

I’ve had more coaches in the past five years than in the previous forty, and it’s made a real difference in both my general outlook, and performance of daily tasks. I’ve always sought out information that may help me grow through reading and conversing with others, but it was easy to skirt around the hard stuff that would have really made the difference in the quality of my life. The difference was the direct candor that comes from a good coach.

No BS allowed.

This morning I read a helpful post by Seth Godin. I quoted a brief part of it below, and attached a link to the full post if you are interested in reading the whole piece. He takes what I shared a little farther.

I believe that every human being would be at least 10X happier and more effective if they had a personal coach. It’s not about the cost. Their total annual visits to a coffee shop or a liquor store could cover enough coaching sessions to see a marked difference in how they live their lives. They avoid coaching for the same reasons I did for so long. It’s hard work. It’s painful at times. It can be terrifying to see yourself as you really are. Yet this is the ironic path to real freedom and a life that liberates a great deal of new creativity.

Our world needs a lot of new innovation these days. The problems are mounting, and each person has a unique capacity to approach those difficulties with their own way of testing solutions to them. But none of that will happen when people remain stuck in a rut, wallowing in unnecessary misery.

I’m hoping and praying that the worldwide disruption from the Covid virus will shake enough people to their core that they will finally seek coaching so they can be transformed to transform others in ways we have never seen before.

A coaching paradox – by Seth Godin

“At the top tier of just about any sort of endeavor, you’ll find that the performers have coaches.

Pianists, orators and athletes all have coaches. In fact, it would be weird if we heard of someone on stage or on the field who didn’t have one.

And yet, in the world of business, they’re seen as the exception…

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