Foggy Notions

by bryan prosser

I like to explore where curiosity leads me.

Hello and Welcome.

I’m Bryan Prosser, Host and Senior Writer at Foggy Notions.

Here I explore things that both fascinate and trouble me. Hunting for words to describe what I think I see and vaguely understand, within a shrouded world of wonder and tragic mystery.

It’s an effort to keep and kindle my own hope, and maybe yours, in this disenchanted age.

It’s also a place for me to be playful, poking fun at myself and others who are in danger of laughing too little.


Every act leads to enormous change.

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Gap or Gain: How To Measure Dr. King’s Dream

Much of our emotional well-being is connected to the way we measure growth toward an ideal. Dr. King’s spirited speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial almost sixty years ago, lifted the eyes of millions of weary souls to see clearly a dream of a much brighter future. His “I

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It’s Not All That Bad, Is It?

Let’s Get Creative! Cherie Harder, President of the Trinity Forum made that appeal recently. I’m glad she did, and when she did. We will always face danger and real hardships the minute we wake each day. I don’t really think they are much more acute today than they were 20

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A Fork in the Road

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An interpretation of the works of A.A Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh.   Eeyore moped along a long dusty trail for what seemed like a century. He didn’t notice the ferns to the right and left of him because he was too preoccupied with stumbling. But stumble he did, but not

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If We Don’t Try

“Failure is not an option!” If you have never watched Apollo 13 by now, you may never. For those who have, failure on that mission meant, if we don’t try, the crew will die. Stranded, wounded in space, the Apollo vehicle was currently incapable of bringing the crew home as

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I’m Certain of This

What do we really know for certain? In the grand scheme of things, do you or I really know the deep intent and motivations of each other? Of course not. Why do I say that with so much conviction? Because, I still do not completely know myself. Do I know

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