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What Did They Teach You In School?

I asked a friend yesterday, “Could it be that we have read it wrongly?”

Friends of mine, are thoughtful. All of us have poured our souls into learning. It’s serious business for us.

My question to my friend related to whether we are humbled by the things we think about.

I ask you, “Could it be true that many things we understand and hold dear are simply not correctly understood?”

I know I can say this is true about many topics for me. That is why at my age I value such diverse friendships so I can possibly see my blind spots while we discuss important things together.

When it comes to the study of God, the Mother of all subjects, the study of theology, its ironically rare to find a serious scholar humbled by their subject.

Who in their rational right mind would think they can categorize and know God better than others? Think about it. We are finite creatures at best. And if our scriptures are true in their testimony of God’s nature, he is infinite and beyond our finite grasp. Anything I may know about God himself, he himself has made it known to me. My mind is not capable of containing God.

As a longtime educator, I know all of us get things wrong.

This may sound strange to educated ears but the intent and aim of learning is to keep learning. Not knowing.

Knowing is only as good as what you learned yesterday. And when it comes to “getting your theology right about God”, it means subordinating all your head knowledge to gain the attitude of a humble learner. Today’s learning can contribute to what you already think you know and then you can adjust.

Can it be that we have read many things wrongly?

Of course.

Didn’t we teach you anything in school?

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