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Going Public

Sharing in public what was once held private.

It is a phrase mostly associated with corporate life and investments. A company privately owned, sells shares in the public marketplace, for instance.

But “going public” in today’s cultural environment often is associated with an individual’s decision to make public what was once private concealed concerns.

It’s becoming common all throughout various media channels.

In the social media.

Within tell-all books.

On podcasts.

Over coffee at the corner cafe.

What is motivating this raw unveiling of once carefully guarded privacy?

I suppose people, people in general, are awakening to the need for deeper connection within a world of isolation and anonymity. Fiercely cultivated individualism is beginning to stand down, allowing something lost to be found again.

What is found when you let down your guard?

What is regained when you let someone see you in your nakedness?

Going Public is a form of being unmasked. Letting light hit your face so the contours and age lines are seen for what they are.

I suppose something gained, at least in part, is a flirtation with truth. A revelation of truth. And truth frees us.

It’s easy to lie both in public and private settings. But lies only separate us from others. They lead to dark dungeons of aloneness.

As individuals continue to brave the light by going public in thousands of ways, there will be hope of regaining closeness again.

The naked self, breathing within open public spaces, on printed pages, over the airwaves, in honest conversations, will find the connections needed for rich living.

Isn’t that an investment worth sharing with the whole world?

Let’s Go Public together.

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