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The Divine Right of Kings? Not in America.

Without question, in my opinion, the former President of the United States committed several criminal seditious acts by attempting an overthrow of a legitimate national election. Then he incited a riot that lead to violence and death inside and outside our National Capitol, threatening the lives of every Congress person, including the sitting Vice President and Speaker of the House.

It was premeditated. It was orchestrated. And it was executed at several strategic levels.

It was the greatest coup attempt in American history. And it was attempted and lead by then President Donald J. Trump.

It proved unsuccessful. It failed.


Because at nearly all levels of government leadership, at least someone at a critical moment subverted Trump’s plan. They courageously stood in the gap between criminality and the law, risking their life and career, to do what was morally right.

If you found yourself in that position, would you have had the courage to stand up to a man like Trump?

Now that the Congressional Hearings have reached their conclusion from the investigation of the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, will more be willing to publicly denounce not only Donald Trump, but everyone else who continues to undergird his lies and turn a blind eye to his egregious socially damaging behavior?

Remember, this is alleged seditious and potentially treasonous activity by our former President. What would any American found responsible for this level of criminality legally deserve?

First a subpoena. (That’s been issued.) Then a public hearing. If facts warrant it, then bring an indictment. Take the case to trial. Seat a jury of peers. Try the case. Deliver a verdict.

What if guilt is established? Then what?

That would be up to a qualified judge to decide. And his sentencing must be like it would be for any other American.

I watched the entire Watergate Hearings in 1974. What President Nixon did, in my view, was child’s play in light of what former President Trump has attempted. Have we become a calloused nation since then?

We elect representative leaders in America. We don’t bequeath kingships to men.

And we apply the law to anyone and everyone, or we will have become a nation of fools.

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