Scale Is Irrevelant

Scale has very little to do with purpose. Big or small dreams are irrelevant. What matters most is whether those dreams fit a particular desire, and that every effort is made to attempt them. Outcomes are the surprise. The rewards are found in the process where joy is also found. Build what you desire and […]

Living Until I Can’t

All of us everywhere, someday, will blink and find ourselves in the presence of our Maker. Or maybe not. That thought scares many people. I suppose it is because it’s impossible to know with any certainty what it will be. Even though it cannot be known with certainty, it doesn’t keep us from thinking about […]

What If?

I’m increasingly convinced that mediocrity in our workplaces is a result of workers not being surrounded by a caring team of mentors and coaches who have their best interests in mind. Work performance is carefully monitored and evaluated, yet personal growth is not given the attention it deserves. There is a growing consensus in our […]

Memories and Tiny Bottles

Look back? I do. No longer with regrets but to find those moments I’m grateful for. Does it trigger a river of uncomfortable memories? It can. It has. But I let them flow by, except for the happy notes addressed to me rolled up in tiny bottles. Those I fish out and read under a […]

Frozen with fear?

Every single problem we face today is the building material of a purposeful life. Each pose an opportunity to improve something that needn’t be. The status quo remains only because those with the gifts to change it stay frozen in unjustifiable fear. So let me help melt that fear away. Chose one very small problem […]

Do you stop for rainbows?

Yesterday evening, returning from an impromptu drive into a foothill community for dinner, I couldn’t help but pull the car over to the side of the road so we could take in the rainbow forming over the hills. But my real reason was to await a surprise downpour that I could see coming our way. […]

Teasing With My Curiosity

What writing does for me. It clears my mind. Sharpens my thinking. And deepens my understanding. It’s how I entertain the foggy notions always teasing with my curiosity.

Can’t Hear Myself Laughing

I met up with a teacher friend last night that I hadn’t seen for quite awhile and she asked me how I was getting along. I said, “Well, I’m getting a little more deaf, losing a little more hair, and I’m not as good looking as I used to be. But I can still think, […]

Practicing in Public

I’ve grown accustomed to experimenting with ideas in public. Those who know me know that is true. To be honest, it grates on my perfectionist tendencies, but it’s been great for my personal growth. “Hi. I’m Bryan, and I’m a recovering perfectionist.” 😎 Year after year as a teacher, even after hours of preparation, I […]

All Are Bearers Of His Image

Here’s my take. I’m not an expert on this. It’s just an exploration based on things I’ve learned so far. I believe every person on the planet carries an element of God’s image. If true, that means everyone expresses an entirely unique aspect of God’s divine nature specifically displayed within unique abilities, gifts, and talents […]