Foggy Notions

a poet’s journey

I’m Certain of This

What do we really know for certain?

In the grand scheme of things, do you or I really know the deep intent and motivations of each other?

Of course not.

Why do I say that with so much conviction?

Because, I still do not completely know myself.

Do I know with certainty what my deep intent and motivations are each day?

Hardly, and I set a significant amount of time aside each early morning to do just that.

At best I have is a vague idea, foggy notions, about what is happening around me, and throughout the world at any given moment.

Believe me, I try my best to make sense of things.

Since this is a certain truth I often get humbled by, the truth that I just don’t know for certain what is going down, I pray that I’ll be slow to speak, quick to listen, first to repent, and last to arrogantly give the false impression that I have any secret knowledge given by angels or others.

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