On The Brink Of A New Year

All I know to say is that I’m excited about this year’s prospects. More than I have been for quite sometime. Of course there is plenty for me to worry about, if I choose to. But I don’t choose to. Why? For thousands of reasons I don’t need to list for the true optimists out […]

May Your Days Be Brighter

We have reached the Eve of one of the most emotional holidays of the year. Judging from all I witnessed being purchased at the supermarket yesterday, it appears that many will try to temper those emotions with short term solutions. The songs and carols sung in the background are an attempt to lift the spirits […]

Going Public

Sharing in public what was once held private. It is a phrase mostly associated with corporate life and investments. A company privately owned, sells shares in the public marketplace, for instance. But “going public” in today’s cultural environment often is associated with an individual’s decision to make public what was once private concealed concerns. It’s […]


The action of making someone a slave; subjugation. Like enslaved to… an expectation of parents for their children to be what they aren’t, a pile of debt accumulated in order to be like your neighbor, an attitude that everyone but yourself has limited your future. All these are examples plain as day, common as the […]

Gap or Gain: How To Measure Dr. King’s Dream

Much of our emotional well-being is connected to the way we measure growth toward an ideal. Dr. King’s spirited speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial almost sixty years ago, lifted the eyes of millions of weary souls to see clearly a dream of a much brighter future. His “I Have A Dream” speech is […]

It’s Not All That Bad, Is It?

Let’s Get Creative! Cherie Harder, President of the Trinity Forum made that appeal recently. I’m glad she did, and when she did. We will always face danger and real hardships the minute we wake each day. I don’t really think they are much more acute today than they were 20 years ago. Maybe even a […]

If We Don’t Try

“Failure is not an option!” If you have never watched Apollo 13 by now, you may never. For those who have, failure on that mission meant, if we don’t try, the crew will die. Stranded, wounded in space, the Apollo vehicle was currently incapable of bringing the crew home as planned. The thousands of tested […]

My Road To Emmaus

I slowly walked the road to Emmaus myself. A long silent battle with disillusionment. Not a helpful friend in sight. Dusty was the road. Abandonment clung like crusted sweat. Then a voice in the blur before me Spoke. My heart was strangely warmed. Eating, listening I understood. His Radiance transformed me. Zest renewed. Retraced steps […]