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May Your Days Be Brighter

We have reached the Eve of one of the most emotional holidays of the year.

Judging from all I witnessed being purchased at the supermarket yesterday, it appears that many will try to temper those emotions with short term solutions.

The songs and carols sung in the background are an attempt to lift the spirits and bring some merriment in a period often filled with triggers and sadness. It’s not all merry for some at Christmas time.

However you view this season of the year. However you participate in it or not, it will likely affect you in some emotional way. May I suggest something? Consider this.

You have a bit of time off. You have a break in the the frenzied life you lead week to week. Consider this time your best gift this year. This small gift of a moment to grab hold of a dream that will affect every waking moment of yours in 2023.

Write out that dream in a letter to yourself. Then read it slowly a few times to let it sink in. What emotions does the sound of it trigger in you? Does it give you hope? If it does, then imagine how you will begin chasing it in the New Year.

Our emotions are there for a reason, and our reason will kick in to make sense of them. Pay attention to this, and you may discover the gift that keeps on giving.

I wish you a merry holiday, and may all your days be brighter.

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