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A Costly Stand For What Is Right?

My Foggy Morning Thoughts

Are you still processing all that is happening nationally?
What an amazing shift away from manipulative dramatics.
Much less image over substance now.
Well I’m still processing. I have been for more than six years and counting.
At this point, I’m convinced along with the majority of the country, that we have to do our best to purge, by all legal, constitutional, and moral means, the Trump cult, and the antecedents that fed it, from our land.
Because I’m a committed educator, I believe we have to work toward rebuilding the fractured society we live in. And like anything, we must first face the hard realities that shattered any sense of shared purpose we may have enjoyed to this point.

What are the contributing factors that continually erode any sense of a humane existence?

What is indeed a “humane existence”?

Do we even know how to discuss these things in this age?
I believe we still have the capacity to do that before resorting to endless verbal wars and outright uncivil physical wars.
But it will take courage.
It will cost us something if we take a stand.
It may lead to the total loss of “perceived” reputation.
It may result in the massive loss of longtime friendships that were in fact not friendships.
It always does.
Standing for what is *right* is done with a certain amount of fear and trembling. How can we be certain we are right when all around us are certain they are right?
That is why I’m still processing all of this. But now I’m processing it in full public view. I’m doing it while taking a stand. I’m doing it prayerfully. I hope humbly.
As I continually learn, I’ll adjust as I move forward, in the company of those who sense what I sense.
It costs everything when you decide to decide what you are willing to stand for.
Today, this is what I’m willing to stand for.
This is the best I’ve got for now.
For this I stand.

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