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Your Zone of Purpose

How well do you know you?

I’m not referring to the awkward work you did while in middle and high school.

I remember one of my students many years ago coming up to me in the first week of school and saying, “Mr. Prosser, I suck at math.” I said, “Hang in there, you are likely going to become a professional dancer.” I saw her dance in the talent show at the end of the previous year, and she was very good. And she did end up dancing professionally. As a celebrity on television.

She sort of knew herself then. I’m sure she knows herself better now.

So I’m asking about the work you’ve done for yourself while reflecting about your early adult life and career development. Have you found work that is deeply satisfying yet?

If not, try not to sweat it. Use these early years to explore, investigate, and test out abilities to see if they produce joy and lead to satisfying results.

If the journey gets tough and clogged with frustration, seek out a mentor, a guide, a Sherpa who will make your trek easier and shorter.

That’s been the most satisfying part of my teaching and coaching life. Helping people find their unique Zone of Purpose. It’s usually not hard for me to notice. It’s usually very hard for others to see it for themselves.

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