Foggy Notions

a poet’s journey

Where Does Time Go?

In 1975, I sat listening to candidate Jimmy Carter speak at our National FFA Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, and now he is in hospice.

In February 1978, I gave my first valentine/birthday gift to a sweet girl named Becky Kampsen, and now 42 years later, she’s my forever sweetheart and wife.

In 1984, I witnessed the birth of my first child, a son, and now his two children are in the middle of high school.

In 1986, I taught my first classroom of students, and now, five years after retiring from public education, I sit here reminiscing.

My time was invested there. That is where it can be found.

So what now?

What will I choose to invest my life in?

Where will time now go?

In February 2023, I sit here dreaming, casting a foggy vision out into the future. Like the past, it will be filled with people, events, and life-changing experiences. And it will end with just as many surprises that I’m sitting with today.

Time never ends. It’s never wasted. It’s never without meaning. And it’s always going somewhere.

“Time, take me where you want to go. I’m ready to follow.”

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