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Restorative Time

The joy I have of being an #entrepreneur is having the freedom of #time .

The time to think.

The time to explore.

The time to be silent.

The time to create.

Time is not all about doing. About being busy. It’s not all about production. Or about maximizing efficiencies.

Time has to be #restorative as well.

This final quarter of the year, beginning in September, I have been focusing on #regenerative rest, with the intent to “fill up my tank”, feed my #curiosity, and find new #creative paths.

Taking time, making time to #recharge pays large dividends for me when I re-enter conversations with others who have “run out of gas” and need someone to help guide them back into the energetic flow of everyday life.

We are approaching a season where we are given the opportunity to slow down long enough to express #gratitude and #thanksgiving for the bounty we have enjoyed from our labors. I hope, even if it is only for a short time, that you will be able to set aside time that is restorative for you as well. Your mind, body and soul may be thirsting for it.

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