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Practicing in Public

I’ve grown accustomed to experimenting with ideas in public. Those who know me know that is true.

To be honest, it grates on my perfectionist tendencies, but it’s been great for my personal growth.

“Hi. I’m Bryan, and I’m a recovering perfectionist.” 😎

Year after year as a teacher, even after hours of preparation, I eventually had to stand before a class and lead it. Nothing I planned ever went completely as planned. Sometimes it felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants. I suppose I was, and that was what made it feel experimental.

Ideas that are worth their salt will emerge and plant themselves securely in full sight. The process of playing with them shapes us and forms our best thinking.

I love learning new things but the journey it takes me on is often filled with trepidation until the experiment is nearly over.

I’m getting used to that.

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