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Oxford On My Mind

I returned from Oxford a few weeks ago.

I was invited to join a friend of mine who was returning to Kellogg College for his reunion, an event they call a Gaudy Night. It was an invigorating visit to be among 36 college campuses that make up one Oxford University, which is unquestionably one of the most influential universities in the world.

A thought that raced through my mind, as I walked from one historic place to another, was that I wished I could have studied there when I was younger. Truth is, I wasn’t capable of studying successfully at that rigorous level back then.

But that was then, and this is now.

All of us experience a lot of things in life that cause some degree of growth, whether we enjoy the process or not. Schooling could have been difficult when you were young, but as you matured, you found that you rather like to learn when it’s not forced upon you.

Kellogg College, Oxford believes in the value of lifelong learning, and that is why they focus on continuing education for adults. And that is why I went to visit. To learn of the opportunities offered to people like me who have the desire to keep learning and adapting to new things.

I coach mid to late career professionals who desire to up their game, or reboot entirely to prepare for their next great adventure. I’m always on the hunt for what will help them do that. Oxford is one place I’ve recently found that is willing to be of service to them.

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