Foggy Notions

a poet’s journey

Of Hibernations and Hugs, and Other Whatnots

Inspired by A.A. Milne

Written by Bryan Prosser

Pooh stood stoutly before a Great Oak Tree and read a simple sign that said, “Time To Fall Back!”

So he did.

And he laid there for an Entire Winter, it seemed.

And it was.

He snored, and he dreamed, and he shivered, and he tossed to and fro until one early morning a peculiar tapping stirred Pooh from his long Winter’s slumber.

Christopher Robin stood at the foot of the Great Oak Tree, and at the foot of the Great Half-Snoring Bear gingerly tap, tap, tapping a simple new sign that read, “Time To Spring Forward!” just beneath the other.

Pooh wiggled his toes, raised his other sleepy eye lid, stretched and moaned a little but not too much, then bothered a lazy sounding Oof sound to remind himself and others that He Was There, and became thoroughly pleased to find that it was only his good friend Christopher Robin that interrupted his sleepy Fall-ish Time.

Thoroughly revived from a long Winter’s Nap, Pooh Oofed a big Oof as he and Christopher hugged and hugged for what seemed a very long time.

And it was.

Not to waste a perfectly good Spring, off they Sprung happily hand in hand, sauntering together through patches of fresh poppies, chasing bees and whatnots for a very long time, it seemed.

And so it was.

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