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Living Until I Can’t

All of us everywhere, someday, will blink and find ourselves in the presence of our Maker. Or maybe not.

That thought scares many people. I suppose it is because it’s impossible to know with any certainty what it will be.

Even though it cannot be known with certainty, it doesn’t keep us from thinking about it. Finality in this life is quite real. We witness it often enough to know that it cannot be escaped. It is a definite certainty that we will not exist in our body forever.

Just like the birth of a child is an obviously real event, the conclusion of a life is just as real. Death cannot be wished away. It will visit everyone of us someday. We all of us have an expiration date.

I wonder how this truth affects you? Does it have a tendency to sharpen your choices for each day? Does it heighten your sensory functions? Does it sweeten your relationships? Does it free you or freeze you?

I was born, and I will die. Before and after that is a mystery for me. It’s not an unexplored mystery, it’s just something beyond experience that I cannot know in the same way I know how this computer is capable of communicating my thoughts to you. But there are millions of mysteries I except each moment of the day that do not scare me to the point of not living into this narrow window of life I have. I face them and death without denial, and go about the business of living until I can’t.

Those are a few of my thoughts but now you will have to carry on this discussion yourself. Or not. Either way, someday it won’t matter as much as it does today.




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