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Let’s Create A World Of Good!

It’s a slogan that helps me keep moving forward in the midst of countless setbacks.

Whatever good we create is always at risk.

It’s not hard to see this. History is loaded with one catastrophe after another. At the same time, it’s filled with some of the most glorious acts of kindness and good that can stagger the imagination.

After decades of positive development in Ukraine, in a split second, a despot and a cruise missile destroys it all.

A young poet dressed in yellow reads a carefully crafted work of art only days after a coup attempt near the hallowed grounds she is reading from.

You can think of twenty examples to every one I list here.

It’s incredibly hard to create a world of good. But from my perspective, it’s our only hope. Our world is broken, shrouded and marinated in sin. Yet everyone of us is capable of doing some sliver of good each day. And if we do add one small point of light moment by moment, our darkened existence can and will get brighter. Even if only for a little while.

Others, for diabolical reasons, are bent on creating as much harm each day as they can. And that harm can be in the form of complaints and gripes, as innocuous as they may seem. Mouthing off about how bad things are only contributes to the darkness and despair. Criticism without an initiative to do something better is mere slothfulness and a waste of air.

Let’s create a world of good. Why?

Because if we don’t we prove without a doubt we are merely carcasses without a soul.

The history of all time, and the history of our own lives proves we can do better, if only we try.

So let’s try to do better. And in the trying, we are creating a good world.

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