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Learning Never Ends

What you formally learned in school will never carry you through the demands of your career and personal life. That includes all your college degrees and professional certifications.

Why is that?

The answer is complicated. Do you have the ability to answer that yourself with what you learned maybe ten years ago? Twenty-five years ago?

I had always hoped as an educator that I was contributing to someone’s perpetual learning ability when they left the structure of formal schooling. That was always one of my goals, even though I could never measure it.

Look around the office today. Think for a minute about those you work with. How many of them would you consider curious lifelong learners? Then ask yourself if you would include yourself in that group.

Here’s one test to see if it is true.

Let’s say you are part of a law firm. Take a selection from Langston Hughes called Thank you, M’am. Ask around to see who would enjoy reading and discussing it together during at extended lunch hour. See how many takers you find.

Try this wherever you find yourself and gather with a few others to discuss something you know little about like Ai and ChatGPT, or how to create more engaging Zoom meetings using Breakouts.

If the most current memory you have of deepening your understanding of something is more than six months in the past, you are in danger of becoming obsolete. You can change that within an hour if you choose to.

What are you excited to learn about today?

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