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Leaders Lead Lonely Lives

A very peculiar irony is that leaders lead solitary lives.

If you are a leader, you know what I mean.

That’s right. Leaders are some of the loneliest of people.

It’s an irony because from everyone else’s perspective, they are always seen leading others. How could they possibly be feeling lonely in a crowd?

It may sound strange but it’s true.

To lead, to be willing to take the lead, exposes you to great risks. Risks few are willing to take. But leaders take peculiar risks, not because they like danger, but because they see opportunities others don’t, and they want to explore them.

I’ve sat with leaders all my life and that is what I know. I know it personally because I lead. And the leading I do is taking the risk to get to know leaders well enough to be a friend and support. And that puts me out in front with them, experiencing the same dangers they face.

It’s lonely in the front, but someone must lead, so we do.

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