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Great Means Small?

Yesterday I read an insightful and important quote from C. S. Lewis in an essay he wrote reviewing The Hobbit. (On Stories, C.S. Lewis, p.135)

And all the time we know the fate of the world depends far more on the small movement than on the great.”

This is not the first time this year I have run across the idea that small things are big things. I have an unread book by E.F. Schmacher, Small Is Beautiful, that I bought as a result of a thoughtful conversation several months ago.

Much depends then on the faithfulness of doing small things that matter. And this encourages me, a person who can easily think in grandiose language. If small things leverage more than great movements, then we do well to keep our focus there.

I’m working to keep mindful of this but it’s very hard while sirens blare from everywhere to be prepared for the next great thing.

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