Foggy Notions

a poet’s journey

Do you stop for rainbows?

Yesterday evening, returning from an impromptu drive into a foothill community for dinner, I couldn’t help but pull the car over to the side of the road so we could take in the rainbow forming over the hills.

But my real reason was to await a surprise downpour that I could see coming our way.

It took about five minutes to get to us, then it poured. I jokingly said I was waiting to get my car washed, for free.

I felt like a kid again. It seemed so silly to be so eager to get rained on but it seemed so cool at the same time. That’s how deep memories are made. That’s how to make life fun.

I hope going forward, no matter how old I get, that I’ll always stop for rainbows. Because at the end of them, there really is a pot of gold of some kind.

This time, it was a golden memory made from a serendipitous quick stop just to “get my car washed for free”.

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