Scale Is Irrevelant

Scale has very little to do with purpose. Big or small dreams are irrelevant. What matters most is whether those dreams fit a particular desire, and that every effort is made to attempt them. Outcomes are the surprise. The rewards are found in the process where joy is also found. Build what you desire and […]

Living Until I Can’t

All of us everywhere, someday, will blink and find ourselves in the presence of our Maker. Or maybe not. That thought scares many people. I suppose it is because it’s impossible to know with any certainty what it will be. Even though it cannot be known with certainty, it doesn’t keep us from thinking about […]

What If?

I’m increasingly convinced that mediocrity in our workplaces is a result of workers not being surrounded by a caring team of mentors and coaches who have their best interests in mind. Work performance is carefully monitored and evaluated, yet personal growth is not given the attention it deserves. There is a growing consensus in our […]

Memories and Tiny Bottles

Look back? I do. No longer with regrets but to find those moments I’m grateful for. Does it trigger a river of uncomfortable memories? It can. It has. But I let them flow by, except for the happy notes addressed to me rolled up in tiny bottles. Those I fish out and read under a […]

Don’t Force It

What I’m learning about writing is that it must be its own reward. Many today are rushing to write *their* book. To tell *their* story. Well, I would say, keep writing and watch what transpires. If you follow where the alphabet takes you, it will begin to tell a story of its own. That’s the […]

A Replay From Last Year (with a few edits)

“It’s time to stop complaining and start creating.” I wrote that to myself last year, and posted it in FB for accountability. And here it is in my feed this morning. Shazam. Pow. Punch! My world, your world, is saturated with opportunists praying on fear. There are fear-mongers on every street corner, and within every […]

That Haunting Urge

The entry point for any person to become a writer is unique to every person. Some enter in their youth. Their stories splash on white pages like the work of an amateur watercolorist. Others later in life, compelled by a haunting urge, sitting alone with what seems like an arthritic hand, must drag their pen […]

The Past My Home, Yet Not Forever

Home is where my memories are. Most of them are here. The rest are scattered over there. My home seems to be, and steadily so, settled well into my past. Yet what happens to my home there when my memories fade? When all goes dark and what I once knew well is all but eclipsed? […]

The Divine Right of Kings? Not in America.

Without question, in my opinion, the former President of the United States committed several criminal seditious acts by attempting an overthrow of a legitimate national election. Then he incited a riot that lead to violence and death inside and outside our National Capitol, threatening the lives of every Congress person, including the sitting Vice President […]

“Do you really mean that?”

In January 2018 I wondered how the heck I ended up in a failure cycle for nearly 25 years. Wondering can be painful. It was then. Of course I wasn’t failing at everything through those years. I kept a career, raised a family, built a marriage. But I did have a sense that somehow my […]