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Are You At A Crossroad?

What stage of life are you in?

The First Half, or the Second Half?

Only you can know which one it is.

The First Half is dominated by experimentation and testing whether you have actually discovered the truest expression of yourself both personally and professionally.

At some point, you begin to question your assumptions and know that what you conclude will effect a good deal of the rest of your productive years.

This is a critical realization and one that few navigate well by themselves.

I pay a great deal of attention to this crucial marker in life because so much is hinged on what is decided, or undecided, at this stage of life.

Are you approaching the Second Half? If you are, it can be the most exhilarating time of your life if you prepare well for it.

Whether you are a CEO or an Executive Director, an artist or a designer, a teacher, professor, or a School Administrator, your future depends on how you lead it. And to do it well is always best done with someone who can help you think it through with your best interest in mind.

Choose that person carefully. You don’t want to waste the best opportunities awaiting you. Get the wisest advise you can.

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