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All Are Bearers Of His Image

Here’s my take.

I’m not an expert on this. It’s just an exploration based on things I’ve learned so far.

I believe every person on the planet carries an element of God’s image. If true, that means everyone expresses an entirely unique aspect of God’s divine nature specifically displayed within unique abilities, gifts, and talents that he designed into each life. He designed this capacity. He doesn’t control it.

All persons, whether they believe this or not, are capable of functioning in such a way that any good they produce can result in the benefit of others. A careful observation of the daily affairs of all mankind is evidence of this, regardless of worldview.

So it’s possible that this manifold representation of God’s image can coalesce and shine more brightly as multiple individuals choose to work harmoniously together.

I say it’s possible because it is logically possible. I say it’s possible because at times it shows up and the results are good.

A little over a month ago, a resident of Visalia who is currently experiencing the lack of a permanent home (some call him a transient) shared an amazing story with me. Late one night he heard cries for help about a hundred yards up the river from him. He and a few of his other friends got up and went to see what was happening. It turned out to be someone they knew well. She had been swept into the current while trying to cross. Luckily she was able to hang on to something, but the river was freezing cold and she was experiencing hypothermia. My friend immediately jumped into the river and rescued her from certain drowning. Both were fished out about 50 yards down stream by their friends.

This gentleman was not prompted to do this because of some well developed faith in God’s mandate to love thy neighbor or guidance from the Golden Rule. On impulse, he risked his life to save a life.

This is my point.

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